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Blog #3?

I'm at it again. I'm now the co-author of yet another blog! :) Wallhogs has finally lanuched a blog. Here is a snipit from my first post! This blog will also be co-authored by Mark E. Seremet, CEO of Wallhogs.…

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Site Changes

I've decided to make some cosmetic changes around here. I've upgraded WordPress and it was time for a new theme. I would like to foster group discussion and my comment section on my previous design was somewhat obscured. If you…

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I smell dead people

***Warning! This post is graphic in nature an my not be suitable for all age groups.***

Two nights ago I had the opportunity to visit the cadaver dissection lab at a medical school in Center City Philadelphia. Over the past couple of years I’ve been a welcomed guest at the school as I’ve dated a grad Student who is matriculating there. As a business student at Villanova I was unable to take a strenuous anatomy course and was unable to take one during high school due to a conflict with another one of my classes – German IV if I remember correctly. In any event, this was the first time that I had been introduced to human dissection. It was, quite simply, an amazing experience. Toe Tag

I have always been one for hands on learning, but strapping on a pair of latex gloves and pulling back another human’s flesh, muscle, and tendons and cutting away their fascia to get a true understanding of how it works, is on a totally separate level. I believe there is great value to this and my experience left me with a deeper respect for those who’ve dedicated themselves, even in the afterlife, to the cultivation of the intellect. After my experience I am more open to the thought of this as my final donation.

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Interview with Jim Keenan, CEO Cre8Buzz

I’ve been using MyBlogLog for some time now and I’ve been able to line up with some pretty amazing people. Below is an interview that I did with the CEO of Cre8Buzz. Jim and I were actually fortunate enough to meet up in the rockies when I was out in Vail over New Years. I had a blast talking to him and my first impression was that he was a very sharp and would be successful. Thanks for the interview Jim!

What is Cre8Buzz?Cre8Buzz is about making people famous and providing the BEST user-generated content on the web. We’re about leveling the playing field for the little guy. We are going to get a lot of people exposure. I think that in a few years cre8Buzz will be known for finding some of the most impressive “hidden” talent ever seen. Your gonna see some great stuff, from some great people no one knew existed.

Who are the co-founders?

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