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I smell dead people

***Warning! This post is graphic in nature an my not be suitable for all age groups.***

Two nights ago I had the opportunity to visit the cadaver dissection lab at a medical school in Center City Philadelphia. Over the past couple of years I’ve been a welcomed guest at the school as I’ve dated a grad Student who is matriculating there. As a business student at Villanova I was unable to take a strenuous anatomy course and was unable to take one during high school due to a conflict with another one of my classes – German IV if I remember correctly. In any event, this was the first time that I had been introduced to human dissection. It was, quite simply, an amazing experience. Toe Tag

I have always been one for hands on learning, but strapping on a pair of latex gloves and pulling back another human’s flesh, muscle, and tendons and cutting away their fascia to get a true understanding of how it works, is on a totally separate level. I believe there is great value to this and my experience left me with a deeper respect for those who’ve dedicated themselves, even in the afterlife, to the cultivation of the intellect. After my experience I am more open to the thought of this as my final donation.

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Bench Press

For the past few months I've been hitting the gym with a degree of consistency. Today I accomplished a new personal best in the bench press: 285 pounds. If you have lived under a rock, the bench press, as defined…

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Happy Turkey Day

I wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving. Currently I am visiting Bachelor Gulch, Colorado. There have been some very nice recent real estate developments in the Vail Valley. Most notably is the Ritz Carlton in the Gulch. Assuming the…

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