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Repliqa Love

Mark Seremet has a post over at his blog about repliqa is looking for a little honest feedback on a landing page. Head over there and checkout some of the cool stuff that's taking place at repliqa, sign up for…

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Why I broke up with


You made me mad. You made me so mad that I was forced to break up with you. Part of our fight was my fault and the majority was yours. Let me rewind.

There I was, chugging along as a happy as can be in our relationship. I had the monthly membership which gave me 2 credits to download per month. I have downloaded 31 books from you since our relationship began on 08/14/2005, but what you did to me yesterday was unforgivable. It started out simple enough. You emailed me once to remind me that my credit card was expiring at the end of February. You emailed me again with a gentle reminder after your first email was in my trash bin.

We began to bicker as you rejected my new credit card. In hindsight, I understand your logic now. I made the mistake of giving you my old mailing address (I’ve recently moved back to PA.) It was my honest mistake that set these unfortunate events in motion. I never wanted to see your ugly side. It would have been nice if I continued on unaware that the dark side existed.

Instead of telling me that the address didn’t match or that I should ensure the accuracy of my address you told me my card was rejected and that I should try again later. Hmm… yes, I will try again later. Fifteen seconds later you gave me the same error. My memory must have failed me. Did I have a typo in my number? No, the number is fine.

Honest mistake, Audible. I am sorry. But here is where things turned really ugly. At this point, you could have told me something other than I was rejected. You could have offered to help, but you sat there – stubborn and staring back at me – mocking me.

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Interview with Jim Keenan, CEO Cre8Buzz

I’ve been using MyBlogLog for some time now and I’ve been able to line up with some pretty amazing people. Below is an interview that I did with the CEO of Cre8Buzz. Jim and I were actually fortunate enough to meet up in the rockies when I was out in Vail over New Years. I had a blast talking to him and my first impression was that he was a very sharp and would be successful. Thanks for the interview Jim!

What is Cre8Buzz?Cre8Buzz is about making people famous and providing the BEST user-generated content on the web. We’re about leveling the playing field for the little guy. We are going to get a lot of people exposure. I think that in a few years cre8Buzz will be known for finding some of the most impressive “hidden” talent ever seen. Your gonna see some great stuff, from some great people no one knew existed.

Who are the co-founders?

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Wpromote is a search engine submission and optimization company that was founded in 1999 by Mike Mothner. Mike is a college friend of my older brother. The history of the company is interesting as it is one of the early…

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This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Mark of The Fish 4.0, Walhhogs, and Repliqa. During our conversation he recounted for me a slightly bizarre dream / nightmare he had the night before about the people he’s interacted…

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Synova Healthcare: Fem-V Product Review by

This past Monday,, an independent website dedicated to “current and breaking news on health, science & technology, medicine and the environment,” did a review of Fem-V. Fem-V is a new product available OTC by Synova Healthcare.Fem-V

Identifying Serious Infections Through Proper Diagnosis
By Fawn Gold
Oct. 16, 2006, 07:00

( it may often be possible to diagnose many common illnesses yourself, sometimes making a mistake can result in delayed treatment, causing the problem to turn into something more serious.

That’s what often happens with vaginal infections. “Far too many women are misdiagnosing themselves and inappropriately self-treating. They don’t realize that mistreatment or delays in treating some infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV) can greatly increase a woman’s chance of developing more serious obstetric and gyneco-logical conditions, including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and infertility,” said Dr. Marie Savard, an internist, women’s health expert and author.

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