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Chulucanas, Peru – October 2004

Today in New York City I finally had the feeling that the seasons have turned. The air is cool and crisp and I might reach for that extra blanket tonight when I tuck in. It’s the sort of evening that made me brew a cup of hot tea and take a moment to slow down and reflect. I reflected on my life and where I am – Where I am going and why. During my moment of introspection I came to the realization that I have not shared with you a story about a service trip I took to Peru three years ago and how important that trip was to shaping who I am today.

[Side note: This is a longer than normal post… so bear with me. I will make this a theme over the next couple of posts and we can dive into some of the new ways the web solving the problem of global poverty in some unique ways after this introduction. Feel free to send me some suggestions for companies that are helping out in a web2.0 way.]

October 2004: I was a full time MBA student at Villanova University and with this status I was fortunate enough to have semester breaks free.

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Independent Study

Exams are over and now I'm back in Kansas for the Holidays! Exams went well and I'm please to have only 15 hours left for my MBA. Next semester will be interesting. I've applied for an independent study course to…

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We had an excellent Halloween party at our new aparment this year. Apparently a guest at the party submitted our photo to

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Peru, 2005

I will be leaving for Chulucanas, Peru tomorrow. I obviously won't be able to update my blog, but I offer you this video of my last trip to hold you over until I get back. Check it out [Windows Media…

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