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Villanova, DC, Party & Work Update

As you can probably tell, my log entries are a function of my free time. The more free time I have, the more I can update this blog.

Let me tell you about my week with the climax at an amazing club last night. First off, I went back to Nova last Saturday to drop of MattyK and party it up at school. We decided to go out to a bar called Brownies. This place is really big and has a nice dance deck outside. We’re chillin outside and enjoying the free eats, the beer was flowing and everyone was having a great time. I was wearing a blue button down Hugo shirt that is one of my favorites. There were a bunch of Beta guys who were there and we were all dancing up a storm. You know me, I’m not shy, and give me a few drinks and I’ll go talk to anyone. So there is this group of gals dancing next to our group of beta bro’s. I have the bright idea that perhaps it would be fun to mix the two groups and let everyone dance together- I mean come on, we’re not in Middle school anymore.

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My Job at the World Bank

So, it occured to me today that I’ve never exactly explained to everyone what it is I do for the World Bank. I’ll try to outline it here and you might just start to understand why I find my summer internship so rewarding.

Let me start off by saying that the overall goal of “The Bank” is to end World Poverty. Now, before you go off laughing at how that is a unattainable goal coming directly from Utopian Philosophy, please understand that I do see your point of view. Also try to understand that someone must try and that it would hard to belive how far off the chart the World’s poverty might be if it wern’t for this organization. Somone must do it, these are the people that do.

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Movies, Fun and Random People in DC

It looks as though I have neglected my blog. I apolgize and hope that everyone will forgive my absence.

I am still working on BL2 and it’s coming along. MattyK said that he might come and visit me, which would just be amazing because it would be like old times again, but without Betz. Sometimes, looking back on it, and as much as I had a love hate relationship with the computer I was fortunate enough to use to make BL1, I would almost like to be able to go back and use it again knowing the information I know now. The Bank has provided me with a new perspective on how things should be done with video editing and I’ve come to realize that the setup that I used before was actually quite amazing.

One of my High School friends was in DC to visit his Girlfriend, so we went out to eat on Friday and to a club last night. I’m really excited to see him and find out how he is doing. He goes to Notre Dame and we played tennis together back in the day. It’s always good to see old friends- keep the old, make the new!

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Washington DC Update

I was very excited to get back into my groove and start getting up ealry to go to the gym. I went to sleep last night around ten o’clock and was all set for today. When my alarm went off at 6:20, I wasn’t exactly feeling it to go to the gym. 1 word- TIRED! I thought it would be enough sleep, and as my posting time for tonight will prove, I know where that extra of hour of sleep went. In either case, I was extreamly slow on the getup this morning and eventually rolled into work around 9:15.

My day was packed full of odd tasks and I am really starting to see how it’s almost like big business and the requirements for a large company to run correctly actually create more work for everyone. I wanted to get a phone installed in my office, but in order to do that I had to order it off the Banks Intranet. Sounds simple right? Well, in order to long onto their secure site and have them know who I am, I have to login using one of the 20 million passwords the bank has given me. If you messup 3 times, your get locked out of the system for security reasons. I remember resetting all of my passwords to this one common password, however this one either never got swapped or some other mystery reason. Well, I got locked out- which then required an extra hour on someone elses phone (since I still can’t order mine) to get my password reset. I then come to find out that HR has my birthday month off by one digit- a clear typo in my mind, but oh no, I have to jump through a whole new set of hoops to prove to them I am who I am!. I mean, talk about small things that… well, you know.

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