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Interview with Jim Keenan, CEO Cre8Buzz

I’ve been using MyBlogLog for some time now and I’ve been able to line up with some pretty amazing people. Below is an interview that I did with the CEO of Cre8Buzz. Jim and I were actually fortunate enough to meet up in the rockies when I was out in Vail over New Years. I had a blast talking to him and my first impression was that he was a very sharp and would be successful. Thanks for the interview Jim!

What is Cre8Buzz?Cre8Buzz is about making people famous and providing the BEST user-generated content on the web. We’re about leveling the playing field for the little guy. We are going to get a lot of people exposure. I think that in a few years cre8Buzz will be known for finding some of the most impressive “hidden” talent ever seen. Your gonna see some great stuff, from some great people no one knew existed.

Who are the co-founders?

Keith Collins – Keith is our V.P. of Product Marketing and Product development. He is the guy responsible for making sure the site is liked. If it doesn’t draw users it is pretty much his fault. I am quite confident however; he has good credentials: MBA, from Indiana, BA from Michigan, 10 years experience in product marketing, general management, sales and being a pretty good guy.

Gabe Orvis – Mr. Money! He is kinda important. As our CFO, Gabe makes sure there is money in the bank and that there will be more when we need it. I think he has a money tree in his backyard. It has been a tough winter in Colorado so not much to harvest, but is doing a good job. He is a former KPMG guy, a CPA, and has his Masters from University of Florida. Gabe is also kinda smart, I think borderline Mensa. If you ever get a chance to meet him, ask him about Damocles’ sword.

CEO – That is I, Jim Keenan. I just make sure I get out of everyones way. I have a good idea once in a while so I think that is why they keep me on. We’ve got a great team, and they make me look pretty good. My job, stay out of their way.

Who is the Antman? Why did you pick this avatar?

The Antman, our 6 legged, antennae, big mouth friend and author of our blog; He is a tribute to all the phenomenal, undiscovered people. He is a tribute to the power of the little guy. “The ants have megaphones” says Chris Anderson Author of The Long Tail. Chris says, that with the Internet and its ability to easily connect people, distribute content and create content, the little guy has a much larger voice. We agree with Chris. Cre8buzz is all about the little guy, creating fame and getting him exposure. We are giving everyone a megaphone! The noise is going to be deafening.

There is a large emphasis on Word of Mouth Marketing. What’s changed, why now?

I don’t think it is what has changed. Word of Mouth has always been there. I think it is what is new. Web 2.0, social networking, blogs, all of the new tools are making it easier for people to connect and for ideas to spread. Today’s world is better equipped to allow the conversations that already existed to take off. Think of a Web 2.0 like an airborne disease, it allows Word of Mouth to spread so much easier and faster. I know it’s not pretty but it’s a good analogy. If WOM now has a vehicle that allows for it to spread faster, the natural extension is to harness it, enter Word of Mouth Marketing!

Can you describe your target market?

Our target market is that passionate, hungry person who has something to say, or show. It is for the talented person who wants more exposure. It is for the driven, hardworking person who is tired of not having an outlet to show the world what he/she is all about!

You’re building quite a community around your blog. Who are some of the most interesting people you’ve met during this adventure?

That is what is so great about what we do, everyone is interesting. We have met a Mother from the Midwest who is absolutely crazy about crafting; she lets it all hang out and is a blast. We like her. We have met a young man from the Philippines who thinks so much he keeps himself up a night. We have met Andy Sernovitz Author of the book, Word of Mouth Marketing. He enjoyes our blog, we like that. You, your one of the most interesting people we have met. You work for a company called “Wallhogs”. I mean how much more interesting can you get than “Wallhogs”?

I met you via MyBlogLog. Will Cre8Buzz be as powerful for linking people together?

I hate to say it, cause we love Mybloglog, but it will be far more powerful for linking people together. Cre8Buzz will allow for better, more relevant connections. A users experience will be considerably more powerful, in terms of connections, information and exposure. What we do like is that Mybloglog and cre8Buzz will compliment each other. We will continue to use MBL after we are live.

Kendall Schoenrock’s business background includes experience in tech startups, real estate development, and angel investing. Currently he runs Schoenrock Investments, a family real estate investing office that is an umbrella to multiple other entities focused on residential, commercial, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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