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Cool People

This time last year I moved to New York City.  It's been an amazing time and I thought it might be fun to talk about some of the interesting people I've met along the way.  This list is by no…

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Putting Projects to Bed

For the last four months I have been consulting a video startup company based outside of Philadelphia called FHN creates (many) online video episodic shows. My role was to help develop a distribution strategy that would bring their videos…

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Blogging Absence

Dear Loyal Readers, Recently I've taken a short break from blogging. While this has occasionally happened in the past, this time I'm a little more sidetracked. I've been building a few startups in the meantime and I will blog about…

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Guest Blogger

I've invited a dear friend of mine to be a guest blogger.  She asked me to turn my blog pink in her honor.  I will let her tell you that story.... Miss Gospic, I give you the floor. -Kendall

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