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Washington DC Update

I was very excited to get back into my groove and start getting up ealry to go to the gym. I went to sleep last night around ten o’clock and was all set for today. When my alarm went off at 6:20, I wasn’t exactly feeling it to go to the gym. 1 word- TIRED! I thought it would be enough sleep, and as my posting time for tonight will prove, I know where that extra of hour of sleep went. In either case, I was extreamly slow on the getup this morning and eventually rolled into work around 9:15.

My day was packed full of odd tasks and I am really starting to see how it’s almost like big business and the requirements for a large company to run correctly actually create more work for everyone. I wanted to get a phone installed in my office, but in order to do that I had to order it off the Banks Intranet. Sounds simple right? Well, in order to long onto their secure site and have them know who I am, I have to login using one of the 20 million passwords the bank has given me. If you messup 3 times, your get locked out of the system for security reasons. I remember resetting all of my passwords to this one common password, however this one either never got swapped or some other mystery reason. Well, I got locked out- which then required an extra hour on someone elses phone (since I still can’t order mine) to get my password reset. I then come to find out that HR has my birthday month off by one digit- a clear typo in my mind, but oh no, I have to jump through a whole new set of hoops to prove to them I am who I am!. I mean, talk about small things that… well, you know.

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Africa Assumptions

So today at work, after sitting through this extreamly boring meeting, I went back to my studio and made an amazing intro for all the DVD's that will be printed for the Africa Region. The only problem with this, I…

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