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Africa Assumptions

So today at work, after sitting through this extreamly boring meeting, I went back to my studio and made an amazing intro for all the DVD’s that will be printed for the Africa Region. The only problem with this, I found out later, is that I don’t fully understand the politics and social influences of people in Africa, nor how they like to be viewed. For example, when I went through the database of photo’s I picked the ones that I though were most symbolic of their countries. My judgment, like a true American, is based only of what I know through TV and such. Thus, all of the photos I picked were of Native headgear and tribal warriors. The problem with this is that it’s like trying to represent women by only showing pictures of them cooking or cleaning. Not only are the photos not representitive of the true nature of women, but also many would be offended by the sight. Thus, tomorrow I will go back through and pickout different photo’s that might include a more modern look, as the people want.

I walked into my office today, and there it was playing a DVD- the $20,000 plasma display screen. Its amazing and it’s in my office. I love my job.

I am pretty sore from my late night 4 mile run last night around the track. Today, after my intense bicep workout, I only ran around the track a few times because my legs started to hurt. I don’t mind feeling the pain in the morning, but tomorrow is going to be a long day, especially with dance keeping me in the same work shoe’s for 13 hours.

I had a good chat with Darrly D. yesterday. He is doing well this summer. Larry (as we call him (because you can’t spell Darrly without Larry)) is one of the seniors I will truly miss.

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