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Minority Report Movie Review

This weekend I went to the Movies with David and his girlfriend to see the new Spielberg flick Minority Report . My review of the movie will follow this small rant about movie theaters and the staff they hire. The night before we went to see the movie, there was a small party at our apartment where we celebrated Daves 21st. I woke up slightly dehydrated from the nightly activity and was in search of water. When we were at the movies, I really wanted some water, but was totally shocked to find out that they were selling Water for $3.00! I mean, I was thirsty, but not $3.00 worth! I asked them if I could just get a cup, (thinking that I could just go into the bathroom and drink some free tap water) but the lady told me how they have this big inventory and how they would have to pay for it if they gave out the cups. Ok, fine, I’m a business major, i understand the idea of an inventory and I know that they can get in trouble for giving me one of the cups, but I went to to ask them what they do if they dropped the cups and they said they have to throw it away. So, my next question was- “Could you please drop one of those cups in my direction?” The lady got all angry at me for trying to avoid paying $3.00 for some H20! The lady told me that if I had a problem that I should talk to her manager. I didn’t want to start any trouble, but it deffently vexed me to no end.

I always enjoy seeing movies with David because during the previews, (which now take up an extra 20 minutes before the movie starts) Dave will always make really funny one liners. For example, when the Matrix II preview was on the screen Dave started clapping really loud and then yelled “IT’S ABOUT TIME! Yeah!!!” Now, I just think it’s funny because of the increased annonimity at the theater and because Dave is very respectful during the movie, just not during the previews.

Minority Report is a classic Spielberg film. The movie is centered in Washington, D.C., in 2054. I found many of the shots interesting because some of the places in the film I get to see or pass nearly everyday at work. The story goes that the Government has developed a technologically advanced “Department of Pre-Crime.” How cool is that? Just the name intrigues me. Pre-Crime! Their goal is to detect and stop murders before they happen. Tom Cruise plays a Detective who lost his son and is now dedicated to stopping murders in D.C. Whats interesting about this film, especially for a tech junkie like me, is all of the special effects and technology. From the computer systems used at the department of Pre-Crime to the home video system Cruise’s character plays his home movies on, this movie is packed full of cool stuff that gives the viewer a small glimpse into the possible future. The film was entertaining and I would say if you like action packed thrillers that keeps you guessing up until the very last minute, this movie is for you. Remember to bring your own water though! 😉

Kendall Schoenrock’s business background includes experience in tech startups, real estate development, and angel investing. Currently he runs Schoenrock Investments, a family real estate investing office that is an umbrella to multiple other entities focused on residential, commercial, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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