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Villanova, DC, Party & Work Update

As you can probably tell, my log entries are a function of my free time. The more free time I have, the more I can update this blog.

Let me tell you about my week with the climax at an amazing club last night. First off, I went back to Nova last Saturday to drop of MattyK and party it up at school. We decided to go out to a bar called Brownies. This place is really big and has a nice dance deck outside. We’re chillin outside and enjoying the free eats, the beer was flowing and everyone was having a great time. I was wearing a blue button down Hugo shirt that is one of my favorites. There were a bunch of Beta guys who were there and we were all dancing up a storm. You know me, I’m not shy, and give me a few drinks and I’ll go talk to anyone. So there is this group of gals dancing next to our group of beta bro’s. I have the bright idea that perhaps it would be fun to mix the two groups and let everyone dance together- I mean come on, we’re not in Middle school anymore.

I find out that they are out because it’s one gals 27th B-day (so they claim). I bought the birthday girl a drink and I started dancing with this group of gals.

So that was Saturday Night a week one week ago. Sunday, I drove went to see Road to Perdition with Joe F. Great movie! It has a distinctive directing style that is unique only to American Beauty and this film. I would highly recommend it but expect the unexpected. (You can make some assumptions about it if you’ve seen American Beauty’s ending.)

Monday and Tuesday I spent most of my time doing bank Work and starting to chop up the 6 hours of footage I have of the BL Crew jumping off the cliffs of the back bowls of Vail. Good Times, Good Times.

Wednesday, Mr. Gregory G drove down to visit from his place in Jersey. I showed him part of the city, took him out to a bar or two, showed him Georgetown and the waterfront, and we edited his section of the Ski footage. His section is about 4 minutes long and I think it looks really good. Very entertaining.

On Thursday, Greg and I finished Tiny’s section of the video. He has an amazing song and it’s a perfect blend of fast paced skiing and slow song footage. His section of the video tops out at around 6 minutes of footage and it’s all really good stuff. I showed it to a guy that I am making an AIDS in Africa video for and he thinks it looks like an MTV music video. He thinks that I should send it in to MTV or send it in to the company that owns the song. I don’t know what that will do for me other than perhaps get me in trouble for not paying record rights to use the song .

My section is about half finished. I am using a German Song called “Hip Hip Hurra” from the German Punk Band Die Ärzte, but I also want to have two songs- we’ll see. It will be done in a week, finished or not.

Last night was a blast- I’m working with a new Intern and she is lots of fun. She’s a grad student at American University and has been at the bank for two weeks now. She invited me out on the town last night to meet her boyfriend and party up with some older grad students. We went to this one bar called Rio Grande out in the area near the pentagon. We were supposed to meet at 8:00 but I was still finishing up my Aids video project so I called and left her a message that I would be late. I showed up at around 8:20 and no one was there. I was confused but just assumed that they were also late. I drank some beer at the bar and I finally got in touch with her at 8:45. He car had been towed and her night had not gone according to plan at all. I told her to take her time and she assured me that she was coming but that she would be late. At around 9 she showed up with a couple of her friends one of which worked for NASA as a computer guy, so I really enjoyed talking to him. We hung out there for another hour or so and after her boyfriend showed up we decided to go to this Club called CITIES. With her connections we were escorted to the VIP section no cover charge at all. The club was comfortably full of amazingly beautiful people. There were black leather couches everywhere and the place was dimly lit with candles everywhere. The waitress was wearing a black short dress and her male counterpart was dressed in a nice blue shirt with a black vest. The place was extremely trendy, but also very professional. I had heard from a number of people that if you know someone who can get you in there it’s amazing. We’ll I was finally there and I now know why everyone said it- because it was so extremely nice. I hear that Bill Maher frequents this place often.

It was an amazing night for Kendall in DC.

Kendall Schoenrock’s business background includes experience in tech startups, real estate development, and angel investing. Currently he runs Schoenrock Investments, a family real estate investing office that is an umbrella to multiple other entities focused on residential, commercial, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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