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Villanova, DC, Party & Work Update

As you can probably tell, my log entries are a function of my free time. The more free time I have, the more I can update this blog.

Let me tell you about my week with the climax at an amazing club last night. First off, I went back to Nova last Saturday to drop of MattyK and party it up at school. We decided to go out to a bar called Brownies. This place is really big and has a nice dance deck outside. We’re chillin outside and enjoying the free eats, the beer was flowing and everyone was having a great time. I was wearing a blue button down Hugo shirt that is one of my favorites. There were a bunch of Beta guys who were there and we were all dancing up a storm. You know me, I’m not shy, and give me a few drinks and I’ll go talk to anyone. So there is this group of gals dancing next to our group of beta bro’s. I have the bright idea that perhaps it would be fun to mix the two groups and let everyone dance together- I mean come on, we’re not in Middle school anymore.

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