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College Journal Update

I received a very nice little bag from mom and dad today. I slept in until 1:30 even though I was supposed to study German with Julie. The bag that I got was full of little snacks; candy cane, orange, ramen noodles, etc. It’s very nice of the school and my parents.

I was the victim of a practical joke last night, it was funny. I believe Mags did it, but I am not sure. Someone put a bail of hay all over my room with a note saying

“Kenny, Thought you felt homesick. This might help.”

Ken down the hall got some pictures. I respect the humor in this situation and think I am taking it well. I could have been frustrated that my room was covered in hay, but, well, it was funny.

I didn’t finish up my modern thought paper on Camus like I should have. I am starting to feel some pressure and I think it is helping me get going. Why I procrastinate so much is beyond me.


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