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4th of July at the Jersey Shore

Happy 4th (a day late)! Yesterday my apartment packed up and went to the Jersey shore. We spent all day on the beach, swimming in the ocean and having fun. For dinner we went to this place that had a piano guy. He looked as though he wasn’t going to much fun and play old funky stuff that I didnt want to hear. The first song he played was horrible and then he opend the door for requests. The table of Villanova students gave him a pretty long sheet of songs that we wanted to hear and then he started talking to us. It was during happy hour so the buckets of beer kept coming and everyone was having fun.

I was sitting at the head of the table when he points to me and says, “This next song goes out to the head of the Nova table!” I raised my hands and he went on to announce, “Everytime I look over when it’s time to clap, this guy is taking a swig of beer!” I dedicated American Pie, by Don McLean to our table and the “Godfather of the Nova table.” We had a blast and dinner at this place really increased the joy factor of the day for me. We went back to the shore and I watched fireworks swimming in the ocean. Amazing!

On the car ride home, I was told that I fell alseep sitting forward flopped over my seat belt. They guys said I started snoring and that they made fun of me for a good half and hour as I floated away into la la land. Good Times, Good Times!

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