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ePrivacy group…. So I observed Jeff B. (the other sales guy) make his first sale yesterday with a large company in our area. It’s a pretty sweet account and I was able to sit in on the business calls… thats always pretty sweet. So after the excitement of his call i decided to call on of my good prospects and keep the momentum going. I ended up making a sale also and as pumped as the firm was before, 2 sales in a timespan of a few hours is amazing. It was pretty sweet around the office yesterday as the CEO went shopping and picked us up a whole bunch of toys to play with. There were Frisbee’s flying all around and we now have a Bart Simpson dunk hoop on the wall. Its felt like the internet boom time i missed as I was entering college. I was on the phone and a ball comes flying by my head. They guys here are great and it’s fun place to work. Hopefully I can make a sale like this a week and then I’d be set. The CEO sat me down and started talking #’s to me about how much i could potentially make if I work hard and solidify my skills. I was very pumped at what he saw as a realistic goal. You know me, I’m all about goals- I printed out some of the #’s we were talking about and I now have a huge sign up over my computer with what i should be reaching for. I think/hope i can make it because we’d be talking about a good chunk of change that I could make my first year out of school. The great thing is, i totally believe it.

The other idea I have with working for such a small tech firm is this- either it explodes and I’m right in the middle of it (hopefully making a ton of cash) or it falls on its face and I have the best story to get into Business school…. either way- the game is called Kendall Wins! I like games like that!

So CN and I broke up on Sunday Aug 3. It was her call and although I was hoping to see if we might be able to work when she comes back to school, she wasn’t willing to give it a try. I understand that it would be hard to stay together. I also understand that college life is pretty awesome and not always the best environment to stay in a relationship. In any case it was a wonderful time and I am very pleased to have shared nearly a year of my life with such a great gal. Although I was feeling a bit down, I realized that this is probably not that bad of a move for me. I need to focus on my work and this is really going to lift some of the stress that I could have placed on myself trying to make something work. I only have to worry about me now and although its an interesting change for me, I kinda like it. It makes me sad though that such a happy time in my life is somewhat over. I always have to smile at the good times though- from getting snowed in when we were in Colorado to drinking 40’s at the courts; It has been an awesome run and I was always happy in her company.

Kendall Schoenrock’s business background includes experience in tech startups, real estate development, and angel investing. Currently he runs Schoenrock Investments, a family real estate investing office that is an umbrella to multiple other entities focused on residential, commercial, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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