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Pachelbel Rant by David’s Clone

This post is random, and I hope you can forgive me. I was cleaning my room tonight and I love to rock out itunes while doing mindless work. Cannon in D by Pachelbel came on and I was so very happy to whistle the melody and fold a pile of laundry. (I was using the visit of my roommates girlfriend as a good excuse to get my room to non-embarrassing level of cleanliness.) In any event, I was thinking just tonight of how much I enjoy this song and how I could hear its influences in other more modern day music. For example: Coolio – I’ll see you when you get there.

I then stumbled upon this video and posted it not so much because I enjoyed his review of a song that brings me joy, but rather because this guy reminds me of a college buddy of mine named David D. If you go back a few years you can read more about David causing some trouble at the movie theaters or some crazy nights at the courts.

So here is the Pachebel Rant by David’s Clone. I hope you enjoy it. Dave, you’ve gotta admit this guy and his rants on music is somewhat like you…

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