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Independent Study

Exams are over and now I’m back in Kansas for the Holidays!
Exams went well and I’m please to have only 15 hours left for my MBA. Next semester will be interesting. I’ve applied for an independent study course to work on getting an article published. The subject that I’ve chosen for possible publication is based around information on mobile devices. Although this might change, the title in the application is; “Analysis of On Demand Information via Mobile Devices.”

Purpose or Objective: There is substantial backing by cell phone and mobile computing manufacturers to include full QWERTY keyboards on mobile devices. Greater acceptance and usage of these devices will create a need for an easy way to access relevant information, on demand. This will be of significant importance in the near future. This independent study opportunity to produce an academic document that explores further the current trends in accessing information on mobile computing devices with specific focus on email enabled mobile devices.
Areas of Focus:

  • Speed of interaction, response, and the flexibility of the system to share information (possible sources: The Tipping Point and Viral Marketing).
  • Easy of Access. Is the information service platform independent, device independent and sensitive to the users location?
  • What are the issues relating to size of return of relevant information? As Google has proven, less is often more, and compact and relevant is ideal.
  • Enterprise Interaction. Do trends show a continued unity between the enterprise application and its heavy reliance on specific platforms?
  • Information Overload: push data versus on demand. Analyze user replacement of on demand information for pushed information example: newsletter pull when you request it versus when the author sends it to you.) This section could also be broken down to include the extraction of user specified relevant information from formerly pushed systems.
  • Costs: Application Development, Mobile Web Interfaces; duplicate, trimmed down versions of the web for access via mobile devices. Device Costs.
  • Mobile Constraints. Analysis of display changes on mobile devices and constraints of text messaging versus email versus wireless web.
  • The Konfabulator Model: How can an advanced user build a system to deliver information to a shared interest group?

I am pretty excited to get this project underway. I also believe it will be great to work with my sponsoring professor Steve Andriole.

Kendall Schoenrock’s business background includes experience in tech startups, real estate development, and angel investing. Currently he runs Schoenrock Investments, a family real estate investing office that is an umbrella to multiple other entities focused on residential, commercial, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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