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Photoshop CS3

I was able to break away for a few minutes tonight to download Adobe Photoshop beta CS3. I wanted to test it out and most of the time I find that an actual project produces a much better review of…

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I've resisted using skype for a long time and it was a big mistake. Multiple times per day I find myself using Skype to make long distance phone calls. I've installed it and have been very pleased with the SkypeOut…

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This week I had the pleasure of meeting with Mark of The Fish 4.0, Walhhogs, and Repliqa. During our conversation he recounted for me a slightly bizarre dream / nightmare he had the night before about the people he’s interacted…

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Apple’s New Mouse

Apple came out with a new mouse! Although I don't personally use a mac, I appreciate the way they really push the envelope with innovative ideas. It makes perfect sense that a mouse should not have to scroll linearly.

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