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Spammer Gets Cooked

Spammer Scott Richter finally got what was coming to him. Microsoft won a $7 Million settlement from one of the major players clogging your inbox. Richters company, now claims to have made serious changes to the way it operates.This…

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15 days until i get shipped out to Cali for the ISPcon. Im going to be running the ePrivacy Group's booth out there while 2000 of the people I've been trying to reach for the last few months pack into…

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ePrivacy group

ePrivacy group.... So I observed Jeff B. (the other sales guy) make his first sale yesterday with a large company in our area. It's a pretty sweet account and I was able to sit in on the business calls... thats…

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New Job

I'm back in Philly now and I've decided to take a job with ePrivacy Group. I start tomorrow- July 24, 2003. I am excited for the opportunity and interested to see where this company can go. I have written a…

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