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Excellent Ad Dollars Spent

There is advertising campaign that has recently impressed me . Burker King has launched it’s new “Burger King Freakout” campaign which shows real people’s reactions to a fake corporate decision to get rid of their best selling product – The Whopper.

I have always been a fan of putting people in real world, slightly uncomfortable situations and recording their reactions. It is this exact reason that I enjoy the comedy of Sacha Baron Cohen [Other Posts: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Borat (take 2), Jagshemash!,The True Inspiration for Borat?]

I think this ad campaign deserves credit for identifying the the passion people have for a given product and breaking the norm. Logically, no one expects a company to get rid of one of their best selling products and that is exactly what they played upon with this prank.

The company took it a step further and started to replace the Whopper with burgers from other joints like McDonalds and Wendy’s. This is an excellent way to showcase the primary difference between the two. BK flame broils their burgers while the other guys fry them.

Watch out for the Punk’d knockoff “You’ve been fried.”Here is an example video:

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  1. Yeah you right, I agree. And, in my opinion, Burger King has been making moves with their commercials since they brought on character dressed as a king- it’s hilarious! Hope all is well with you, Mr Schoenrock, happy holidays and happy new year to you, my friend (and have safe/fun trip skiing 🙂 )

  2. Kendal,

    Glad I got to speak to you before the Holidays and hope your New Year in New York was excellent. On to the BK ads. I completely agree with their approach and these ads are some of my personal favorites. I had a feeling you would be blogging on these soon and was actually looking for it. In my mind it is a welcomed change. The more previous commercials with the King character were kinda creepy and were starting to get carried away with the woman plotting, and actually attempting to “Kill the King”. I love the new campaign
    and really have taken note to new advertising. Commercials to me are a fading art form and seems they really need to get back to the fun basis. Back to the grind my friend always a pleasure to stop and see you are still doing well.

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