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Legos: Looking at the Blocks Through a Child’s Eyes

This was first posted at the Premium Turbos blog, but the site seems to be down so I’ve reposed the images here for your review. As someone who spent many hours building things with Legos this sure does bring back some good memories. I think they are great. What do you think? Do you recall seeing Legos in this way? Better yet, what do you think about this advertising campaign?


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  1. Well, being the imaginative person I am. I will forever see Legos in this manner. I wish I could say it brings back memories of way back when, but really I was just playing with them the other day. One of the greater toys in history aside of the transformers, sorry I am partial to them, these were the toys of my era.

    From a marketing aspect it is very smart. It really hits home with todays parent and bringing them back to when they were kids. We always want our children to experience the great things we did as kids, and what a way to get them back in the stores buying Legos all over again. Nostalgia can really draw sales. I’ll tell you what. If I saw a commercial for Big Wheel’s Green Machine. My kids would have one under the tree this Christmas. You know the commercial, where the kid hits like 90mph pulls up the hand brake and slides sideways… cool.

    I also believe it joust against the video game market. Simply saying lets bring our kids back to their imaginations. Video games are so realistic that you don’t need to imagine being on an alien are!! Flying a plane is so real now, it is overwhelming. I know Lego has its own set of video games but, the blocks are it’s heart and they need people to continue to buy what made them Lego


  2. Hi Chris,

    Very interesting! I wonder if TVs, Video Game, and the Internet / Computers help or hinder our youths imagination. You could easily make the argument against saying that kidsno longer need to think because everything is so real. But a possible counter to this could be that this realistic graphics in a fantasy world encourages the belief that anything is possible.

    Where are the PHD’s when you need them?

    Thanks for your feedback!

  3. It’s great! I love the campaign. I think my son still sees them that way despite his fondness for video games.

    Thanks for posting the photos (I’ve never seen them).

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