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Chiefs vs. Eagles @ Arrowhead Stadium

The Eagles traveled to Arrowhead Stadium this week to take on the Kansas City Chiefs. With the many KC scores in the first Quarter, I was please to hear the classic KC chant, “we’re going to beat the hell out of you, you, you, you you.” It reminded me of the first time I traveled to the stadium for a KC Chiefs game. My father and I had to drive over three hours, in both directions so that I could finally hear that chant in person.

During the second quarter, with the Chiefs spanking the Eagles 17-0, it was announced that the phillies were knocked out of the running and the announcer made a comment about having to watch the Walt Whitman bridge for jumpers…

Arrowhead stadium played its first game on August 12, 1972 when the St. Louis Cardinals played the inaugural game. The KC Chiefs website claims that “the facility remains one of the finest sports stadiums in the world.” After reading that statement, it was slightly amusing to me when the electrical equipment went out and KC QB Trent Green was left without a visible play clock. Naturally, they blamed it on the thunderstorm last night.

This is, naturally, the only game where I will root against the Eagles and Mr. Villanova, Brian Westbrook.

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  1. Kendall – Just catching up on your blog. Enjoying reading your comments. The last two Chiefs games have been sad…but at least they lost to my other two favorite teams!


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