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Fun Shopping


We did something fun on Saturday, i think- I don’t know.
We watched the eagles lose their last game at the Vet on Sunday. Brian Reds was happy because he like Tampa, but i just didn’t care enough to watch the game. Life is great though.

On a more random note, we decided to dress up in full Halloween costume and go shopping at BJ’s. BJ’s is like a huge warehouse with discounted sales prices. It was supper funny because I went dressed as a huge beer bottle. David wore the hot dog hat, Brian was an army man, Jarret dressed up as my Halloween baby/mama costume with a huge afro. it was great. Tom Gilmore was there also, and he was dressed up too. Nothing like good clean, harmless fun. We got some funny looks as we were shopping.100_0113.JPG100_0110.JPG

I got an interview setup with the bud lady for a potential job taking over for Mellisa on Friday. WOOHOO- i hope it works out that i get paid to go to the bars.

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