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The Audacity of Hope

Coming back home from Germany, I was stuck with a four hour layover in Chicago. I picked up Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope.

I cannot yet speak to his politics, but I can assure you that he has a true mastery of language that has kept me awake and wanting more.
As I am only a few pages into the book, I am sure there are other excellent examples of this point, but after reading the following paragraph, I put down the book and picked up my blackberry and now sitting in the airport sharing a small snippet of his text with you.

We know that the battle against international terrorism is at once an armed struggle and a contest of ideas, that our long-term security depends on both a judicious projection of military power and increased cooperation with other nations, and that addressing the problems of global poverty and failed states is vital to our nation’s interests rather than just a matter of charity. But follow most of our foreign policy debates, and you might believe that we have only two choices – belligerence or isolationism. – Barack Obama.

I touched on a number of these exact points in my 9/11 post, but without the grace and polish that seems to come so naturally to the lawyer turned Senator. I only hope that the remaining 350 pages are equally as gripping.

That’s a much as these blurry eyes can write right now. It is also time to board my flight to Wichita. Please forgive all spelling errors.

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