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Blog Pause / Trip to Philadelphia

This week I was able to sneak back to Philadelphia for both work and pleasure. While back in the big city I’ve been able to line up with a few members from the TurnTide team. Everyone seems to be doing very well. Because of this travel, I’ve not been able to update this blog or work on the posts that I have in the works. In the queue, but not yet ready for posting, are my take on the Google acquisition of YouTube and a tips and tricks guide for Villanova MBA students. Once I get back to my focus, I would invite you to check back for these updates. Normally I’m able to update this blog about once a week and from the feedback I’ve received from my readers, this is acceptable. As always, I encourage feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment. Let me know what you’re thinking!

Kendall Schoenrock’s business background includes experience in tech startups, real estate development, and angel investing. Currently he runs Schoenrock Investments, a family real estate investing office that is an umbrella to multiple other entities focused on residential, commercial, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

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