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Wallhogs Posts

A big Wallhogs thank you to these blogs for giving us a little love!

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RSS in Plain English

I resisted getting everything ported over to my RSS reader for quite some time. After it was all there it became one of my daily habits- Wake up, check orders, check email, scan RSS, etc... Hopefully this well done video…

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Serious Post

Yesterday I promised you a serious post that is really worth your time. I saw this video and think it fits this description. Ok, so I'm totally kidding here, but I think this guys got some skills. This is why…

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Site Changes

I've decided to make some cosmetic changes around here. I've upgraded WordPress and it was time for a new theme. I would like to foster group discussion and my comment section on my previous design was somewhat obscured. If you…

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Mobile Blogging

As you are well aware, I've been tweaking my blog recently. I have finally gotten around to setting up a mobile blogging feature. This will allow me to post from my blackberry and other devices by sending an email to…

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