Kendall Schoenrock



Kendall Schoenrock's business background includes experience in technology startup companies. Founding his first technology consulting company in 1995, Kendall has years of experience as an entrepreneur and independent contractor. He finished his MBA at Villanova University in 2006 and has had articles published in the area of anti-spam technology. In early 2004 Kendall made his first angel investment in the ePrivacy Group spin-off company TurnTide, which was sold to Symantec for $28,000,000 in July of the same year. For four consecutive quarters Kendall was number one in sales for both the ePrivacy group and TurnTide.

Kendall is an experienced investor and is an active Realtor in his home state of Kansas where he owns and maintains numerous properties.

Areas of interest: IT, Internet, Real Estate, Sales Technology, Investing. Other interests: Extreme Snow Skiing, Flying, Weight Lifting.
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